Global Initiatives

Indiana University Bloomington is uniquely positioned to serve as a global gateway for students, faculty, and alumni. Several of the university’s top-priority initiatives are geared toward strengthening and capitalizing on its robust global presence.

Provost Visit to Taiwan and Singapore

In May 2014 Provost Lauren Robel visited Taiwan as a guest of the Ministry of Education. She met with educators and administrators at a number of Taiwanese universities to strengthen IU's existing partnerships with institutions such as National Taiwan University and National Chiao Tuung University, and to explore potential future partnerships. Following her time in Taiwan, Provost Robel traveled to Singapore to attend a ceremony in which President Michael McRobbie presented the Thomas Hart Benton Medallion to IU alumnus and former U.S. Ambassador David Carden.

Read more about Provost Robel's trip here.

Provost Visit to South Korea

In December 2013 Provost Lauren Robel led an Indiana University Bloomington delegation to Seoul, South Korea to meet with IU alumni and strengthen ties with South Korean institutions such as Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul National University, Korea National University of Arts, the Seoul Arts Center, and Samsung.

To learn more about the trip, read the Week in South Korea blog.

School of Global and International Studies

IU has broken ground on its new School of Global and International Studies (SGIS), and Ambassador Lee A. Feinstein has been named the school's founding dean. SGIS amplifies IU Bloomington research and teaching expertise in critical areas such as international development, governance, communication, and humanitarian aid, and will offer undergraduate, graduate, and executive degrees in tracks including human rights, cultural diplomacy, and international security. 

View video footage of the groundbreaking ceremony here

The school, approved by the Board of Trustees in August 2012, is organized within the College of Arts and Sciences and brings together the expertise of more than 350 core and affiliated faculty members from across the campus and from IU’s 11 federally funded Title VI area studies centers.

A primary aim for the new school will be to expand the opportunities for international education for all students, including greater foreign language proficiencies, better understanding of how societies are developing worldwide, and deeper knowledge of globalization. Within five years, the university expects that the School of Global and International Studies will exceed the size and scope of nearly every international studies program in the country.

Indiana University President Michael A. McRobbie has announced that former U.S. Sen. Richard Lugar, the longest-serving senator in Indiana's history and the former chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has joined the faculty of IU's School of Global and International Studies. U.S. Rep. Lee Hamilton joins Lugar as a distinguished scholar and professor of practice in the School of Global and International Studies. Lugar and Hamilton, whose senatorial and congressional papers are housed at IU, also co-chair the new IU International Advisory Committee.

Indiana University Gateway - India

Taj Mahal Sample Gates

Indiana University has announced the creation of its first international gateway office. Located in Gurgaon, India -- a suburb of New Delhi -- the Indiana University Gateway-India serves as a home base for IU activities in the country. The office supports scholarly research and teaching, conferences and workshops, study abroad programs, distance learning initiatives, student recruitment activities, alumni engagement events, business partnerships, and fundraising. 

IU attracts nearly 1,000 students from India and enjoys institutional partnerships with nine Indian universities. The gateway office will enable the university to deepen and expand these connections while providing a home base for researchers, study abroad programs, and alumni living in India.

The IU Gateway-India is a joint initiative of the Office of the Vice President for International Affairs, the Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President at IU Bloomington and the Office of the IU Executive Vice President and Chancellor of IUPUI, with additional support from the IU Foundation and the Kelley School of Business

IU is working on plans to open additional facilities in key areas of global significance. 

International Partnerships

IU Bloomington ranks seventh among all U.S. universities for the number of students studying abroad, and 11th for its number of international students. The university maintains cooperative agreements with more than 200 universities around the world. These agreements sustain student exchanges, research collaborations, fellowships, and visiting scholar opportunities.

Visit the IU Global Engagement and Partnerships site for more information. 

Recent international partnership activities (since 2011), by region, are described below. 

A comprehensive inventory of international partnerships is available through the Office of the Vice President for International Affairs.


Academic units at IU-Bloomington continue to be actively engaged with peer institutions in East Asia. While the majority of this engagement has been concentrated in China, new partnerships are being forged across the region.

  • China: The School of Public Health has collaborated since 1989 with Beijing Sport University and more recently with Peking University, Shanghai University of Sport, and Chengdu Sport University. Since 2011, the Research Center for Chinese Politics and Business (RCCPB) has had a strategic partnership with and an office at the University of International Business and Economics, actively promoting joint research and offering academic workshops. Both the Kelley School of Business and the Maurer School of Law have had active exchanges and other collaborative activities with Zhejiang University over the past five years. In August 2012, the School of Education established formal ties with Zhejiang University’s College of Education to promote joint research opportunities and exchanges of faculty and students. Over the past four years, the School of Education has collaborated with Beijing Normal University on faculty and graduate student exchanges, joint research projects, and collaborative teaching.
  • Japan: In 2010, the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures implemented an undergraduate student exchange program with Doshisha University. IU established a university-wide partnership with Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan, in April 2012 and will begin a faculty exchange program in 2013.
  • Mongolia: The Kelley School of Business and the American University of Mongolia formally partnered in September 2012 to offer a Kelley MBA degree in Ulan Bator, Mongolia, that will be delivered in a blended online and in-person format. The Department of Central Eurasian Studies established a graduate exchange program with National University of Mongolia in July 2011.
  • Taiwan: Through an agreement with the Taiwan Ministry of Education’s Bureau of International Cultural and Educational Relations, the East Asian Studies Center became a designated Taiwan Academy Culture Point in July 2012. Activities will include visiting scholars, films, and lectures, as well as support for graduate student and faculty research travel.


The ascent of India as a major emerging economy has reinforced the need for IU to strengthen institutional partnerships in the region, particularly for IU-Bloomington’s professional schools. Over the past several years, three of these schools have pursued agreements with peer institutions in India.

  • India: Faculty from the Kelley School’s Department of Operations and Decisions Technologies began to work with the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) in Bangalore in 2008, and in September 2011 the Kelley School expanded its collaboration to include the IIMs in Lucknow and Rohtak for case study development, webinars, and conferences. In April 2012, the School of Public and Environmental Affairs began a partnership with the Administrative Staff College of India in Hyderabad to organize programs on public policy for Indian civil servants, exchange personnel for lectures and research projects, and coordinate international seminars. Both the Maurer School of Law and the School of Public and Environmental Affairs have, in recent years, pursued educational interactions with O.P. Jindal Global University.  


IU has had long-standing relationships with institutions in Southeast Asia, some of which stretch back to the 1960s. With the launch of the new School of Global and International Studies, IU has re-strengthened its focus, expanded partnerships, and established alumni chapters in this increasingly important region of the world.

  • Indonesia: IU established a university-wide partnership with Gadjah Mada University in May 2012, with the potential development of experiential learning programs for IU-Bloomington students in the historic city of Yogyakarta.
  • Singapore: The Kelley School of Business expects to establish an undergraduate exchange with its counterparts at the National University of Singapore, an institution with which IU signed a university-wide agreement in May 2012. 
  • Thailand: In March 2011, IU renewed its university-wide agreements for faculty and student exchanges with Chulalongkorn University and the National Institute Development Administration (NIDA), an institution with which IU helped establish in 1966. The School of Optometry has had an active exchange partnership with Ramhamhaeng University since the signing of an agreement in June 2011.
  • Vietnam: The School of Public and Environmental Affairs signed an agreement with the National Academy of Public Administration of Vietnam in February 2012 to offer specialized training programs and exchange academic personal for lectures and research projects.


Several academic units at IU-Bloomington collaborate with universities in Australia and New Zealand, with the most significant activity involving exchange of students.

  • Australia: In September 2009, IU and Australian National University established the ANU-IU Pan Asia Institute, which has been working on new initiatives in security, medicine, public administration, and distance language instruction. The Office of Overseas Study has had active undergraduate exchange programs with University of Sydney, University of Western Australia, and University of Wollongong for many years, and the School of Public Health has been exchanging undergraduate students with Victoria University since 1998.
  • New Zealand: The Maurer School of Law also has an active exchange program for faculty and students with the University of Auckland. 


IU-Bloomington houses one of the top programs in Central Eurasian Studies, regularly offering language courses in Kazakh, Turkmen, Uzbek, Dari, Pashto, and Tajik.

  • Afghanistan: The School of Education’s Center for Social Studies and International Education, with support from the U.S. Department of State, formally partnered with the Kabul Education University in June 2011 to develop and implement a master’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (M.Ed. TESOL).


IU-Bloomington continues to be recognized for its strengths in studies of the Middle East, with degree programs in Jewish Studies and Near Eastern Languages and Cultures. Languages regularly offered include Arabic, Hebrew, Biblical Hebrew, and Persian. 

  • Israel: Through its Rothberg International School, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has partnered with IU to provide study abroad opportunities for undergraduate students.


Multiple academic units and departments have positioned IU-Bloomington as one of the most distinguished institutions for the study of Africa, with an impressive breadth of languages taught regularly. In recent years, new collaborative activities have been explored particularly in the area of public health. 

  • Egypt: The African Studies Program has been exploring joint activities in public health with Cairo University, with a visit to the institution by Professor Ahmed Youssefagha in June 2012. IU has had a university-wide partnership with Cairo University since August 2011.
  • Ghana: In January 2012, the African Studies Program entered into an agreement with the University of Ghana, University of Cape Coast, and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology to develop a formal relationship in research, teaching, educational, and public health collaboration.
  • Tanzania: The Swahili Flagship Center established a relationship with the State University of Zanzibar in January 2012 for an exchange of faculty and students.


IU-Bloomington has outstanding, distinguished programs in the study of Russia and Eastern Europe. The Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, together with Russian and East European Studies, regularly offer a dozen regional languages and occasionally offer courses in eleven other languages. Active partnerships have been developed with a sizeable number of institutions in the region.

  • Croatia: IU renewed its university-wide faculty exchange agreement with the University of Zagreb in March 2011. Since 2007, three IU-Bloomington faculty members have visited the university.
  • Macedonia: In November 2011, IU renewed its agreement with South East European University, a ten-year affiliation that has included ongoing exchange of both senior and junior faculty.
  • Poland: IU and Jagiellonian University, which have had a relationship dating back to the mid-1980s, renewed an exchange agreement in August 2012. IU-Bloomington graduate students and faculty members have participated in the exchange every year.
  • Romania: In July 2011, IU and the National School of Political and Administrative Studies (NSPAS) signed a cooperation agreement for collaboration in area studies, political science, and public administration. The Romanian Ministry of Education, through an agreement signed in January 2012 with the Russian and East European Institute at IU, will support fellowships for Master-level students in the IU Romanian Studies Program. The Department of History and the Russian and East European Institute at IU formalized a partnership with the University of Bucharest in February 2012.
  • Russia: The Sinor Research Center at IU signed an agreement with the Kazan Federal University and the Marjani Institute of History in July 2011 to establish academic collaboration in the areas of language learning, history, religion, and education policy. IU renewed its faculty exchange agreement in April 2012 with the State University Higher School of Economics in Moscow. Since 2009, two faculty members from each institution have participated in the exchange.
  • Turkey: In March 2011, IU and Bogazici University established a faculty and student exchange program, administered with the assistance of Central Eurasian Studies at IU.


The countries of Western Europe continue to be among the most popular destinations for students and faculty interested in study abroad and research opportunities, reflected in the number of new and renewed agreements with institutions across the region.

  • France: The Kelley School of Business renewed its agreement in September 2012 with the Rouen Business School for undergraduate student exchanges, among the Kelley School’s most popular study abroad programs.
  • Germany: The Maurer School of Law and Bucerius Law School renewed their agreement for student exchanges in May 2012. The schools consistently exchange one or two students every other year. The Kelley Direct Program at the Kelley School of Business formally partnered with the German Graduate School of Management and Law – Heilbronn in June 2011 to exchange graduate students for one week intensive courses at each school. In November 2011, the Department of Sociology established a graduate student exchange program with the University of Mannheim.
  • Italy: In July 2012, the Department of Geological Sciences formally established a graduate student exchange program with the Department of Earth Sciences at the University Federico II di Napoli. The Department of Physics signed an agreement in September 2011 with Milano-Bicocca University and University of Rome Tor-Vergata to collaboratively organize an International School on Instrumentation for Neutron Scattering.
  • Netherlands: The School of Public and Environmental Affairs signed a general cooperation agreement with Delft University of Technology in March 2012. Anticipated activities include student and faculty exchanges, joint research projects, and special lectures and symposia. 
  • Spain: In September 2011, the Department of Spanish and Portuguese renewed its agreement with University of Seville to continue a faculty teaching exchange.
  • Sweden: In June 2011, the School of Public and Environmental Affairs forged a formal affiliation with Jonkoping International Business School for research collaboration in areas such as entrepreneurship and innovation, financial economics, empirical economics, public management, and regional economic development.
  • United Kingdom:  The Kelley School of Business signed an agreement with Strathclyde Business School in January 2012 to establish an undergraduate student exchange. The Maurer School of Law and the Oxford University Internet Institute agreed in September 2011 to create a joint graduate program leading to the awarding of an LLM from IU with a certification in information law and policy from Oxford.


While IU-Bloomington has scholarly experts on Latin America in every academic unit, the campus also houses centers and institutes focused on innovative teaching and research, including the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, the Creole Institute, and the Latin American Music Center. A recent renewed focus on partnerships in this region has resulted in several new agreements and nascent collaborative activities.

  • Brazil: The College of Arts and Sciences, Jacobs School of Music, and the Commission for Educational Exchange between the United States and Brazil signed an agreement in August 2012 to establish the Fulbright Scholarship Program for Brazilian Visiting Scholars in music, musicology, or a related field. In November 2012, IU signed an agreement with the Brazilian Academy of Letters to support the mobility of Academy members and IU scholars. Nelson Pereira dos Santos, famous Brazilian filmmaker and Academy member, will visit IU-Bloomington in April 2012 for a partial retrospective on his body of films at the IU Cinema. That same month, IU also signed university-wide agreements with the University of Sao Paulo and the State University of Campinas, and several IU-Bloomington academic units are exploring possible exchange programs and collaborative research activities with these two leading institutions.
  • Chile: IU signed a university-wide agreement with the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile in November 2012. The College of Arts and Sciences, Jacobs School of Music, and School of Journalism will discuss potential areas of collaboration with their counterparts in 2013.
  • Costa Rica: IU and the University of Costa Rica have had an active graduate student and faculty exchange program since 2008.
  • Mexico: IU and the Autonomous National University of Mexico formalized a partnership in July 2012. Exchange opportunities for students and faculty will be considered in 2013 after a visit by IU officials.