About Bloomington's Campus Strategic Plan

Throughout the fall semester, the IU Bloomington Strategic Planning Committee, comprising 167 faculty members, staff members, and students, dedicated itself to envisioning a third century of academic excellence on our campus.

This extraordinary group took on the most challenging questions our campus faces about the future of our faculty, research, undergraduate education, graduate education, diversity, international initiatives for students, international programs and facilities, and interdisciplinary initiatives in the areas of humanities and arts, health sciences, design, and STIM (science, technology, informatics, and math). Their final reports are shared in the Team Reports section. 

Based on these reports, I have drawn together a draft of a Strategic Plan for Indiana University Bloomington. This plan presents broad strategic goals that will require coordination and cooperation across the campus. Once the plan is finalized, we will define a timeline for implementing objectives leading up to our 2020 bicentennial. With very few exceptions, the actions and indicators of progress outlined by individual Team Reports will guide decisions as we prioritize objectives and implement the plan.

For additional context on the Strategic Plan and the implementation process, it may be helpful to view this brief presentation.

The public comment period on the draft Strategic Plan is now complete. I would like to thank everyone who took the time to offer feedback online, at the Town Hall, and in the various meetings I've had with constituencies around campus. The comments have been substantial, constructive, and extremely helpful.

I look forward to submitting the final Strategic Plan to President McRobbie later this spring, and to working with the entire IU Bloomington community as we put this plan into action.

Lauren Robel
Provost and Executive Vice President

Strategic Plan