Meeting Summaries

Summaries of IU Bloomington Campus Strategic Planning committee meetings are shared here for community consideration. 

Executive Committee

Executive Committee - 8.23.13

Undergraduate Experiences Team

Undergraduate Team - 8.30.13

Graduate Education Team

Graduate Team - 8.26.13

Research Team

Research Team - 9.3.13

Faculty Team

Faculty Team - 9.3.13

International Initiatives: Students

International Students Team - 9.4.13

International Programs and Facilities Team

International Programs Team - 8.29.13

Interdisciplinary Initiatives: Design Team

Design Team - 8.26.13

Interdisciplinary Initiatives: Integrated Programs in Humanities and Arts

Humanities and Arts Team - 9.9.13

Interdisciplinary Initiatives: STIM (Science, Technology, Informatics, and Mathematics) Initiatives

STIM Team - 9.11.13