Team Reports

Message from Provost Lauren Robel:

The reports below reflect the extraordinary work of the 167-member IU Bloomington Strategic Planning Committee. These reports formed the basis for the draft Strategic Plan that is now posted for public comment. These reports are also serving to immediately inform the operations of campus-level offices.

I am extremely grateful to the members of the Strategic Planning Committee and to all the IU Bloomington community members who shared their ideas and insights with the planning teams.

Undergraduate Education: Assuring an Excellent Undergraduate Experience

Co-Chair: Pete Goldsmith

Co-Chair: Dennis Groth

Undergraduate Team Report

Graduate Education: Assuring the Success of Our Graduate Students

Chair: David Daleke

Graduate Team Report

Diversity Recruitment: Increasing Recruitment of Underrepresented Minority Students

Martin McCrory: Co-Chair

David Johnson: Co-Chair

Diversity Team Report

Research: Renewing our Research and Creative Excellence

Chair: Sarita Soni

Research Team Report

Faculty: Strengthening and Renewing Our Faculty

Chair: Tom Gieryn

Faculty Team Report

International Initiatives: Students

Chair: Hilary Kahn

International Students Team Report

International Intiatives: Programs & Facilities

Chair: M.A. Venkataramanan

International Programs & Facilities Team Report

Interdisciplinary Initiatives: Integrated Programs in Design

Chair: Kate Rowold

Design Team Report

Interdisciplinary Initiatives: Integrated Programs in Humanities and Arts

Chair: Jonathan Elmer

Humanities and Arts Team Report

Interdisciplinary Initiatives: STIM (Science, Technology, Informatics, and Mathematics) 

Chair: Bob Sherwood

STIM Team Report

Interdisciplinary Initiatives: Health Sciences 

Chair: Larry Humes

Health Sciences Team Report