Team Updates

Each IU Bloomington Campus Strategic Planning Team will share periodic updates of its progress throughout the semester. Teams welcome input from the public, and community members can share their thoughts and ideas with the teams via email at

Mid-Course Workshop

The strategic planning chairs held a mid-course workshop at the Wells House on Sunday, October 20th to share and collaborate on opportunities identified by all the teams, challenges faced and potential solutions, and overlaps across the teams. 

IUB Strategic Planning Mid-Course Workshop Summary

Executive Committee

Chair, M.A. Venkataramanan: 

Executive Committee - 10.7.13

Executive Committee - 8.23.13

Undergraduate Education: Ensuring an Excellent Undergraduate Experience

Co-Chair, Pete Goldsmith:

Co-Chair, Dennis Groth:

Undergraduate Team - 12.17.13

Undergraduate Team - 10.9.13

Undergraduate Team - 8.30.13

Graduate Education: Ensuring the Success of Our Graduate Students

Chair, David Daleke: 

Graduate Team - 12.17.13

Graduate Team - 10.15.13

Graduate Team - 8.26.13

Research: Renewing our Research and Creative Excellence

Chair, Sarita Soni:

Research Team - 12.12.13

Research Team - 10.15.13

Research Team - 9.3.13

Faculty: Strengthening and Renewing Our Faculty

Chair, Tom Gieryn:

Faculty Team - 12.14.13

Faculty Team - 10.8.13

Faculty Team - 9.3.13

International Initiatives: Students

Chair, Hilary Kahn:

International Initiatives - Students Team - 12.2.13

International Initiatives - Students Team - 10.11.13

International Initiatives - Students Team - 9.4.13

International Intiatives: Programs & Facilities

Chair, M.A. Venkataramanan:

International Programs Team - 11.22.13

International Programs Team - 10.8.13

International Programs Team - 8.29.13

Interdisciplinary Initiatives: Integrated Programs in Design

Chair, Kate Rowold:

Design Team - 11.22.13

Design Team - 10.8.13

Design Team - 8.26.13

Interdisciplinary Initiatives: Integrated Programs in Humanities and Arts

Chair, Jonathan Elmer:

Humanities and Arts Team - 11.22.13

Humanities and Arts Team - 10.8.13

Humanities and Arts Team - 9.9.13

Interdisciplinary Initiatives: STIM (Science, Technology, Informatics, and Mathematics) Initiatives

Chair, Bob Sherwood:

STIM Team - 11.22.13

STIM Team - 10.11.13

STIM Team - 9.11.13

Interdisciplinary Initiatives: Health Sciences 

Chair, Larry Humes: 

Health Sciences Team - 11.22.13

Health Sciences Team - 10.9.13