Embracing openness to the world

What does it mean to be one IU? On the surface, it's simple. We're all members of the Indiana University community. But being a community runs deeper than a shared environment. It is a commitment to inclusion, diversity, and a steadfast unity in the following beliefs:

  • We believe in every person's intrinsic dignity and worth.
  • We believe we are united by tolerance, kindness, and common bonds.
  • We believe the diversity of our community makes us stronger. 
  • We believe we are enriched by the many paths that bring us here from around the globe.
  • We believe in academic inquiry, open discussion, and respectful, open-hearted disagreement.
  • We believe that while we may disagree on many positions, we do agree on our common humanity.
  • We believe in the need to seek and find common ground.

We are all Hoosiers—without exception. We show each other kindness, respect, and compassion.

We are one IU.

IU Stands Together

Credit: IU Office of International Services