Class of 2020

A four-year journey through life at IU

The only constant in life is change. We’re always moving, growing, and evolving. That evolution is rarely more apparent than in our college years. From the first day of freshman orientation to the moment our graduation caps fly through the air, we’re becoming the people we were destined to be.

"IU 2020" is a series of short films that chronicle the lives of 12 students throughout their undergraduate careers. View the stories on YouTube

They come from Indiana's smallest towns and the world’s largest cities. They are scholars and artists, athletes and musicians, activists and thespians. And they are united by that brave desire to move beyond who they are to see who they can become. Parts 3 and 4 will be coming in May, 2021. The interactive virtual screening includes an introduction and Q-and-A with the director and three of the short films, each around 20 minutes.