Open Air Venues

Open Air Venues

The IU Bloomington campus is known for its world-class arts and humanities and rich, creative and student-focused programming. In response to the pandemic, IU Auditorium staff successfully launched Open Air Venues to provide opportunities for students, faculty, staff, campus departments and student organizations to present a variety of events in safe, physically distant outdoor environments.


Open Air Venues by the numbers




These outdoor spaces are distributed throughout campus and can be host to a broad range of programming, including fine and performing arts, popular entertainment, civic and community engagement, health and wellness, and athletics-related events. During challenging times, the programming and performances made possible by these important spaces have inspired the sense of resilience and community for which IU is known.


These spaces are used for casual, daytime events and more formal performances. The availability and careful management of these venues has allowed our campus to continue programming, with events ranging from live country music to ballet classes to open air study spaces.

During spring semester 2021, we want to offer and expand Open Air Venues to accommodate more groups and offer even more member of the IU community the magical feeling that can only happen through a shared experience.

Utilizing the Open Air Venues has allowed our office to interact with first year students, alleviate parental concerns, and maintain important relationships with colleagues. As our goal is to assist students in their transition to our campus –the OAV’s have provided a mechanism to connect students to the physical campus as well as introducing them to resources and staff.

Office of First Year Experiences

"Throughout Fall 2020, the Open Air Venues proved to be vital in establishing and maintaining a campus cultural scene that allowed our students to experience performing arts in their everyday lives, despite the many public health restrictions in place because of COVID. For students in performance-based programs such as those in the Jacobs School of Music and the Department of Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance, the Open Air Venues offered opportunities that are essential to their academic careers and professional development. Students in these programs rely on campus performances to hone their skills, gain invaluable onstage experience, and share their talents with the wider campus community. Without the Open Air Venues, these students would have found few, if any, opportunities this semester to engage in the kinds of performances that are central to their creative and professional pursuits."

Joe Hiland, Arts & Humanities Council

"I honestly can't say enough about IU Open Air Venues and the hard work of the IU Auditorium staff. This initiative has given students an important part of their college experience in a time when we thought it would be lost. OAV has prevented IU’s campus from becoming stagnant by continuing to bring our community together. Throughout this semester, it has become clear that students are much more comfortable gathering outside for our weekly film series, and IU Auditorium is on the frontlines of fulfilling this need. OAV has been essential for supporting the student experience with Union Board Films and many others in this new environment."

Logan Mulvaney, Co-Director of Films
111th Indiana Memorial Union Board