Bicentennial Strategic Plan

Bicentennial Strategic Plan

Entering our third century of excellence

For 200 years, Indiana University has inspired exceptional research and discovery, exciting creativity and achievement, and excellence in teaching and learning. As an intellectual community, we have produced Nobel Prize winners, Rhodes Scholars, MacArthur Fellows, Olympic Medalists, and winners of Academy Awards, Grammy Awards, Tony Awards, and Pulitzer Prizes.

In anticipation of our 200th birthday, faculty, staff, and students from across campus were invited to help construct the Bicentennial Strategic Plan for Indiana University Bloomington in 2013-2014. Our intention was to leverage historic strengths alongside emerging areas—always leaving room for the thrill of discovery along the way—to create a vibrant, creative, and forward-thinking institution with boundless potential for growth.

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The Principles of Excellence

These six core principles lie at the heart of the Bicentennial Strategic Plan, and they guided the university leading up to its third century. 

  1. An Excellent Education

  2. An Excellent Faculty

  3. Excellence in Research

  4. The International Dimension of Excellence

  5. Excellence in the Health Sciences & Health Care

  6. Excellence in Engagement & Economic Development

The Framework of Excellence

The IU Bloomington Bicentennial Strategic Plan addresses the Principles of Excellence through eight objectives.

  1. Engaged Students
  2. Strong Academics
  3. A Safe and Healthy Community
  4. Graduate Student Succcess
  5. A Diverse Community of Scholars
  6. Advancing Knowledge
  7. A Global Education
  8. Integrated Health Sciences

*The IU Bloomington Strategic Plan reflects metrics and progress on campus goals from 2015 through the spring of 2020.

Engaged Students

A commitment to student success through an engaged, diverse, and global experience.

IU Bloomington will ensure students receive an educational experience that prioritizes affordability and esteems diversity of all kinds, in all aspects of campus life. The IU Bloomington educational experience encourages deep student engagement in curricular and cocurricular activities that integrate the full range of campus resources and promote an array of global experiences. Our students participate in on-campus cultural centers, events and programming, as well as high-impact international experiences such as study abroad, internships, and service-learning programs.

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Strong Academics

A commitment to student success through our historic academic strengths.

IU Bloomington will graduate students who are passionately engaged with the arts and humanities, as well as scientifically and technologically literate. IU Bloomington will promote curricular and cocurricular programming in the arts and sciences that fosters K–12 outreach programs and teacher training—and integrates outstanding campus resources such as campus museums, performance spaces, libraries, archives, laboratories, and research centers.

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A Safe and Healthy Community

A commitment to student success through a safe, vibrant, and healthy residential community.

IU Bloomington will support a community defined by a culture of care among and for our students, through active engagement with student organizations, health and wellness initiatives, and a continuing commitment to sustainability.

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Graduate Student Success

A commitment to graduate student success.

IU Bloomington will strengthen support for graduate students by reducing the time to earning a Ph.D., offering diverse forms of financial support, and pursing innovative professional development in both academic and nonacademic career paths. Our many highly ranked graduate programs support the aspirations of emergent scholars, artists, and researchers in a wide array of disciplines.

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A Diverse Community of Scholars

A commitment to a global, diverse, inclusive community of excellent scholars and teachers.

IU Bloomington will be a desired global destination that attracts talented, diverse faculty in all fields and retains outstanding faculty through robust support of professional development programming, work-life balance initiatives, and innovative hiring practices that highlight interdisciplinary scholarly work. IU Bloomington will maintain its long-standing commitment to shared faculty governance.

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Advancing Knowledge

A commitment to advancing the frontiers of knowledge.

IU Bloomington will be a global leader in collaborative, interdisciplinary research projects that explore Grand Challenges and issues of broad importance to the people of our state, nation, and world. These projects will draw upon the strength of existing campus resources such as laboratories, research centers, and the expertise of our research faculty.

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A Global Education

A commitment to being a top-tier destination for excellent education and a preferred global partner.

IU Bloomington will continue to recruit talented students, faculty, and staff from all around the world; strengthen existing partnerships with peer institutions across the globe; pursue new partnerships with peer institutions that share IU Bloomington’s strategic goals in research and education; and harness the energy and initiative of our vibrant network of international alumni.

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Integrated Health Sciences

A commitment to integrating our health sciences resources to serve the state and nation.

IU Bloomington partnered with all health sciences at IU Bloomington, the IU School of Medicine in Indianapolis, and IU Health to: increase capacity in high-demand health sciences programs; strengthen infrastructure related to such programs; and facilitate partnerships with health service providers in Indiana and across the nation. The creation of a new Academic Health Center on the Bloomington campus, in partnership with IU Health, will support programs and initiatives related to this objective.

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