Parent Newsletter

Letter from the Parents Association: June 2015

Hello, and welcome to the debut issue of The IU Family Connection newsletter!

We’ve created this newsletter to share relevant news, information and stories about the things that affect your student’s daily life on campus, and the decisions that can make dreams a reality after graduation.

As an IU family member, you play a vital role by being a supportive guide while gently nudging your student toward discovery and independence.

Parenting a college student can be energizing and exciting, and it also comes with lots of questions: What does my student need to know about study abroad opportunities? Internships? Job-interview coaching? Working with faculty in labs? Participating in classes with experiential- and service-learning components?

Through the IU Family Connection newsletter, we’ll provide you with timely answers and links to resources to help you support your student at IU Bloomington. Each issue will feature stories, videos and photos that highlight the multitude of opportunities that make IU Bloomington such an incredible place.

We’ll highlight information about undergraduate research, overseas study and opportunities for connecting with IU alums – who love hiring talented IU graduates. Plus, we’ll feature personal profiles on the students, staff and faculty who make Indiana University feel like a home away from home for your student.