Student Communications

A defining moment

August 19, 2020

Dear Students,

You have heard news about other universities, such as the University of North Carolina, shutting down residential classes. How can we avoid that here?

IU is protecting you by testing all students before classes start, and we will test all semester. There will be COVID-19 infections, whether you are here or at home. What you do next matters, and it matters a lot.

If you have a positive test, we intervene immediately. This intervention -- and your candor -- is what gives us our best chance to keep classes in Bloomington.

  • If you test positive, you need to be honest with the contact tracers, and you need to follow the rules of isolation.
  • If you are a close contact of someone who tests positive, you need to be honest with the contact tracers and follow the rules of quarantine.

If you are truthful and follow the rules, you will not get in any trouble -- we’ll help you stay current with your classes, and you will give us our best chance to stay open.

But if you are not truthful, or don’t follow the rules, you will be sent home. We have sent individual students home already for not being truthful or not following the rules, and we will not hesitate to do this.

And if enough of you don’t follow the rules, game over. We’ll have to do what other universities have done and go all online.

Keep it safe
Give yourself and others the best chance:

  • Assume for your safety that everyone you meet is infectious, whether they look or feel sick or not: keep your mask on, even outside unless you are distanced, and stay 6 feet or more away from everyone. Know what 6 feet looks like. This rule applies in Bloomington and on campus.
  • Avoid all parties. Period. Stick with small groups, outside, with masks on.
  • Hold your friends accountable. True friends do not engage in behavior that endangers others or threatens their education.

We are in this together, Hoosiers. I’m in it with you. Let’s stay in Bloomington. 

Lauren Robel

Executive Vice President and Provost
Indiana University Bloomington