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Advising for success

IU Bloomington enhances academic and life success for our students through excellent, technologically enabled academic and career advising.

This aligns with IU Bloomington Bicentennial Objective One.

Academic success

Goal: IU Bloomington will enhance academic and life success for our students through excellent, technologically enabled academic and career advising.

Update: Implemented the student success initiative for all academic advisors in all schools, University Division, and the College through: Advising Records, Student Appointment Scheduler, iGPS Planner, and Student Engagement Roster, among other tools.

The Advising Records common notes system, also known as AdRx, was piloted in 2013-14; gradually, schools across all IU campuses moved to AdRx by 2016-17, creating multiple efficiencies systemwide.

In 2018, IU Bloomington adopted the online Student Appointment Scheduler tool, through which students scheduled over 90,000 appointments in one year. Students can use the platform to find an advisor and schedule an appointment online, while advisors can use it set up meetings with groups of students or individuals.

Using the interactive iGPS tool tasks, students build a semester-by-semester plan.


Robust advising

Goal: Implement robust career advising in all schools, University Division, and the College.

Update: IU Bloomington uses the Symplicity system for career services management and tracking including: appointment scheduling, career coaching sessions, hosting a job & internship board, on-campus interviews, career fairs, and more. Of the undergraduates enrolled at IUB in 2017-18, nearly 20,600 scheduled career coaching appointments. These students came from the Kelley School of Business, the School of Public Health, the Walter Career Center and Career Development Center, the School of Education, the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, School of informatics, Computing, and Engineering, and the School of Social Work. 

IUB also reorganized and invested in a split between the Career Development Center and what is now called the Walter Career Center in Ernie Pyle Hall. 

IUB also developed the Journal of Academic Advising, first published in August 2018. JAA was included in an Academic Advising Today article, “An Overview of the Four Peer-Reviewed Journals in Academic Advising.”  

Inside Ernie Pyle Hall.

New Policies
The Fresh Start policy, initiated in December 2018, encourages capable undergraduate students to return to IU Bloomington (after an absence of at least three years) by removing the encumbrance of past poor grades on their cumulative program GPA.

The Alternate Major Policy requires University Division students applying to Competitive Admission Majors (any program requiring a GPA higher than 2.0) to plan for a parallel major. If they are not accepted into their planned program, these students now have another path in place.