Engaged Students - Diversity

A diverse campus

IU Bloomington esteems diversity of all kinds and ensures the full involvement of our global complement of students in our campus life.

This aligns with IU Bloomington Bicentennial Objective One.

Diversity matters

Goal: Recruit and retain a highly motivated, diverse, academically prepared and global complement of undergraduate and graduate students.

Update: In September 2018, for the fourth year in a row, IU Bloomington received the Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award from Insight Into Diversity magazine, the oldest and largest diversity-focused publication in higher education. IU Bloomington continues to see a growth in enrollment across almost all minority ethnicities. Since the Office of Enrollment Management introduced its enhanced diversity recruitment strategy, self-identified underrepresented enrollment has grown by 40%. In 2018, IU Bloomington welcomed its largest and most diverse freshman class with a record 1,358 underrepresented students in a class of 8,097.

Overall, underrepresented students constitute 22.3% of IU Bloomington’s total undergraduate population, up from 17.9% in 2013. 


Retention & success

Goal: Sharpen focus on the diversity of our student populations, and on the retention and success of under-represented and first-generation students.

Update: Through reporting and metrics, IU Bloomington has identified areas for improvement in recruiting and retaining diverse student populations of under-represented and first-generation applicants. In 2016, IU Bloomington saw retention rates for Latino/Hispanic students reach 92.1 percent, an increase from 87.9 percent in 2015.

The Groups Scholars Program, Hudson & Holland Scholars Program, Pell Promise, and 21st Century Scholars (and Covenant Scholars) all contribute to recruitment and retention of underrepresented students. Read more about affordability.

In the spring of 2018, university representatives from OEM and OVPDEMA visited Shawnee, Oklahoma, to explore a possible pipeline of Native American students (Potawatomi and Shawnee) and develop relationships with both faculty and student communities.

Data dashboards

Currently, a suite of interactive dashboards called AM360 is designed to assess the health of IU's academic units, ensuring all units have access to consistent data that is centrally available as dashboards on a timely basis. By 2019, IU had used AM360 to develop a portfolio of 19 dashboards covering finance, students, faculty, and campus planning metrics. The Office of the Vice President for IT intends to add high-level diversity aggregations to existing reports to help decision-makers better understand trends in various populations. 

 After New Student Orientation, I am better equipped to succeed academically.

98.23% of students who took part in NSO agreed with this statement, shared in a 2016-18 report

Intercultural understanding

Goal: Ensure the integration of diversity, global empathy, and intercultural understanding at all points of shared student experience, such as orientation.

Update: IU Bloomington has revised several key programs, including New Student Orientation, and focused several initiatives on the integration of diversity, global empathy, and intercultural understanding on campus.

Beginning in 2015, the Office of International Services staff and the Office First Year Experiences teams worked to successfully integrate orientation activities for international and domestic students, to better connect the cohorts and model expectations for continued intercultural dialog between and within the student body.

FYE employs dozens of students over the summer as orientation team members. The OTeam is made up of orientation leaders, orientation assistants and specialists, student coordinators, graduate interns, and professional staff members who educate new students and their families, create a welcoming environment, and assist students in their transition to Bloomington. 

IU2U: New Student Orientation for International Students began in 2014. Since then, 3396 students have completed the program, which offers early in-country orientation for admitted students in India, China, South Korea (and in 2017, Dubai). Admitted international students can enroll in two classes early and, along with their families, engage with IU students, faculty, and staff. 

IU2U students have statistically significantly higher CGPA after their first semester, and higher first Fall to Spring retention rates compared with international students who do not take part in IU2U.

The first to second year persistence rate for international students in the Fall 2013 cohort was 86.6%; that rate is now 90%. 

Since 2014, approximately 1,250 IU staff and members of the Bloomington community have participated in Intercultural Training seminars offered by the Office of International Services, including all new associate instructors and the IU Police Department. Topics included cross-cultural differences, effective communication styles, and working with diverse populations.

International recruitment

As a direct result of recruitment strategies focused on increasing the geo-diversity of our international undergraduate student body, between fall 2015 and 2018, the number of countries represented in the first-year undergraduate cohort has increased 21%, from 33 countries in 2015 to 40 countries in 2018. 

During this same period, international student recruitment has doubled from 32 countries on four continents in 2015 to 64 countries on every inhabited continent in academic year 2018-19. IUB now hosts students from every inhabited continent, providing opportunities for increased global dialog within internationalized learning communities.

OIS staff continue to expand cultural and internationally focused student educational, cultural, and social programming throughout the academic year. By the end of the spring 2019 academic year, more than 100 such programs will have been offered to students, both international and domestic, including working with IU Corps to promote intercultural dialogue, resource provision, and engagement on campus and within the Bloomington community. 

Between the fall 2014 and fall 2018 entering freshman cohorts, a gain of nearly 20 SAT points has been realized in international students admitted to IUB; international students continue to act as a driver of the overall academic quality of our student body. 

The Fall 2017 first year undergraduate international student persistence rate to the second year was 90%, nearly matching the domestic student rate of 91%.

Global perspectives

Great strides have been made to ensure that global voices and perspectives are included in the important work of several key student organizations on campus. In Spring 2019, this includes six international students involved in IU Student Government , five who serve on the Graduate & Professional Student Organization, two who serve on the IU Union Board, and one international student on the Board of Aeons.

In the academic year 2018-2019, 176 international and domestic students were paired through the OIS Conversation Partners Program. Thie program promotes language-learning goals of each participant, while also promoting cultural exchange and dialogue.