Engaged Students - Ongoing Assessment

Creating new programs

IU Bloomington will work with campus leadership to continually assess programs for new opportunites to best serve our students.

This aligns with IU Bloomington Bicentennial Objective One.

New Academic Opportunities

Goal: Work with Bloomington Deans, Faculty Council, and College and School Policy Committees to create ongoing avenues for assessment and solicitation of opportunities for new graduate and undergraduate academic programs.

Update: IU Bloomington has created several new opportunities for students in the form of new academic programs. Progress includes the creation of 13 new degrees, one new combined degree, 42 new majors (majors, tracks, concentrations, or specializations), 47 new minors, three new stand-alone certificates, nine new area certificates, and one new institute.

Since 2014, new graduate credentials have been approved. Examples include:

Kelley School of Business 

The Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics courses combine the skills, technologies, applications, and processes used by organizations to gain data-driven insights and to aid decision-making across functions including finance, marketing, and operations.

School of Informatics, Computing & Engineering

The online Graduate Certificate in Data Science was designed for working professionals who want to advance their careers and increase earning potential. 

School of Public Health

The 12-credit hour Graduate Certificate in Gerontology and Health is for graduate students, individual practitioners, and professionals working with older adults. The certificate provides a substantive foundation in gerontology coursework at the graduate level and opportunity to apply knowledge and advance careers through a practicum experience.