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Promoting graduate programs internationally

IU Bloomington will promote our campus internationally as a destination for exceptional graduate education.

This aligns with IU Bloomington Bicentennial Objective Four.

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An international presence

Goal: Promote our campus internationally as a destination for exceptional graduate education.

Update: IU Bloomington currently hosts 223 sponsored students from 35 countries. International students add to the rich academic and cultural fabric of our campus. While graduate recruitment and admissions remain the responsibility of each respective academic unit, the Office of International Services provides support for this work through recruitment efforts.

Graduate academic units continue to develop internationalized curriculum and experiential learning that meets both the expectations of employers and students in terms of global market readiness. Office of International Services staff work in close tandem with graduate academic departments to ensure regulatory compliance in an increasingly complex environment.

Many faculty from the College use IU's Global Gateways to host conferences or other events in major international cities where IU is fostering partnerships. These activities raise IU Bloomington's international public profile among foreign students, who continue to provide a significant proportion of our top Ph.D. candidates.

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Examples of international efforts

The School of Nursing Bloomington campus is developing a robust presence that will include international marketing efforts. In  spring 2019, the school is systematically surveying students who accept or decline admission, offering valuable information that will better position our programs to attract and be responsive to applicants, both domestic and international.

The Media School recently launched a new dual-degree master’s with Peking University and is in discussion with many other universities about similar partnerships. The Media School’s research output was recently ranked in the top 10 of media programs internationally. The school's graduate students represent IU at international conferences. 

Since 2014, the Maurer School of Law has made significant investments in the promotion of the IU Bloomington campus (and particularly the law school) as a destination for exceptional graduate education. The school has hired a full-time recruiting officer, expanded recruiting at foreign universities’ recruiting fairs, entered into a large number of partnership agreements with foreign schools, formed a Global Advisory Board, and attended a number of IU international trips—for example, the opening of the ASEAN gateway, and attendance at the 2018 Beijing alumni reunion. Additional promotion has occurred through the IU Global Gateways, where Maurer faculty have played leadership roles.

Faculty in the School of Medicine participate in the IU-International Summer Undergraduate Research Program, a program from the University Graduate School that hosts international students for eight weeks each summer. Several faculty have been mentors through the Khorana Summer Scholars Program, which recruits the top undergraduate students from India for a summer research scholarship.

At the Jacobs School of Music, international students represented 40% of the 2018 incoming graduate class. Sixty percent of these new international students are from China, South Korea, and Taiwan. Of the 802 total graduate students in the Jacobs School of Music, 281 are international.

The Jacobs School of Music has a strong presence in East Asia, particularly in South Korea. In 2015, a chamber orchestra composed of Jacobs students and faculty presented concerts and master classes at Sookmyung University, Seoul National University, and at Korea National University of Arts. In August 2015, 11 students from Sookmyung Women’s University in Seoul visited the Jacobs School and presented a Chamber Music Concert.

A Jacobs delegation of string students, string faculty, and ballet faculty returned to South Korea in the fall of 2018 to present concerts and master classes at Seoul National University and K-Arts. This was the first visit of JSoM ballet faculty to Seoul, where they visited K-Arts and several arts high schools.

The New Music Ensemble traveled to Mexico City with the IU delegation from Indiana University for the opening of the new global gateway office there in May 2018. One of the inaugural activities was a workshop on indigenous languages and literature, featuring a number of distinguished scholars, poets, and cultural leaders from Mexico and the U.S. and a concert by the New Music Ensemble. Strong ties unite Jacobs faculty members and the UNAM Faculty of Music.

In addition to these large-scale efforts, most members of the Jacobs faculty, through their teaching and concertizing, have established collaborative relationships with individuals, arts organizations, and institutions around the globe. 

The School of Art, Architecture and Design will develop a school-wide strategic plan that includes international partnerships during the 2019-20 academic year. The school offers international course experiences for MFA students each year; 2019 destinations include Venice and Florence in Italy. Beginning in summer 2019, the J. Irwin Miller Architecture Program will include a Rome seminar to provide intensive exploration of architecture and design. In future years, additional cities from the IU Gateway cities will become destinations for alternative international seminars in the architecture program. M.S. merchandising and design overseas course experiences have included seminars in Barcelona and Guatemala; a seminar in Italy will occur in summer 2019.

Doctoral recruitment for the O'Neill School of Public & Environmental Affairs is carried out through heavy promotion of the degree around the world. The recruitment committee and faculty director regularly advertise in many key international markets and also reach out directly to colleagues at international institutions. the O'Neill School’s efforts worldwide have resulted in doctoral students from Asia, Europe, and Latin America over the past few years.

The school continues to pursue dual master's degrees with Asian and European nations.