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Research in the arts & humanities

IU Bloomington will support research innovation in the arts and humanities.

This aligns with IU Bloomington Bicentennial Objective Six.

The Arts & Humanities Council

Goal: Convene an Arts and Humanities Council to establish regular lines of communication between units, and to guide the work of the Integrated Arts and Humanities Initiative.

Update: Founded in 2015 and led by associate vice provost Ed Comentale, the Arts and Humanities Council is dedicated to supporting, organizing, and promoting our campus’s many outstanding programs in the arts and humanities.  It is committed to creating rich arts and humanities experiences for all members of the IU community—for all majors, all schools, all offices, and all who visit or are touched by this campus. The council oversees several research initiatives in the arts & humanities, and is creating new connections among professors, students, and our many arts and cultural resources and includes faculty, staff, and students from across the campus, including 32 partner affiliates across campus. More than 40 faculty and program directors sit on the A&H Council, and the council is supported by eight undergraduate student interns.

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