Global Education - Global Partners

Developing global partnerships

IU Bloomington will support all of its schools and the College of Arts and Sciences in developing active global partnerships.

This aligns with IU Bloomington Bicentennial Objective Seven.

Global learning

Goal: Increase our outreach and impact through high-quality dual degree and certificate programs around the world.

Update: The College offers interdisciplinary certificates in the following programs: the Liberal Arts and Management Program, the Political and Civic Engagement Program, and Social Research in Health and Medicine.

Support for study abroad

Goal:  Ensure that all schools and the College have active and affordable study-abroad programs for their students.

Update: Created in summer 2013 with Provost funding, the OVPDEMA Overseas Studies & Scholarship Program need-based scholarship supports minority student participation in study abroad programs by assisting students in covering some of the costs associated with international study.