Integrated Health Sciences

Integrating our health sciences resources

IU Bloomington will build an integrated identity among our health sciences programs to achieve increased capacity, and partner with IU School of Medicine and IU Health to recruit and retain academic personnel.

This aligns with IU Bloomington Bicentennial Objective Eight.

Health Sciences Council

Goal:  Convene a Health Sciences Council to provide overarching vision for our programs and evaluate space and programmatic needs and opportunities.

Update: The Health Sciences Council had already convened 34 times (as of Feb. 2019) and is scheduled to meet monthly. Regional Academic Health Center Program directors have met 84 times and began monthly meetings in 2019. Starting in 2015, the Interprofessional Education Program leaders began meeting about 9 times a year (through 2018). The Health Sciences Council and IPE group were convened by David Daleke, vice provost for graduate education and health sciences and associate dean of the University Graduate School.