2016 COACHE Survey at IU Bloomington

What will IUB do with the survey data?

Data from COACHE helps provide a detailed picture of faculty needs at IUB.

Data from prior COACHE surveys has guided the development and support for a number of campus initiatives that directly benefit faculty. Data has also been used by several faculty groups, including the BFC subcommittee studying non-tenure track faculty, to better understand faculty needs.

COACHE has also helped IUB identify areas of progress. For example, since 2005, pre-tenure track faculty are significantly more likely to report that expectations for tenure are clear.

How can I participate in COACHE?

When the survey opens in February, all faculty will receive information in an email with a personalized link for responses. The window for response will be open until April.

Responses from the survey are completely confidential. The data are held by COACHE under an IRB-approved protocol and cannot be accessed by IUB faculty and administration. For more information about the security of your responses, please visit coache.gse.harvard.edu/faq.