Into the Arts

Intertwined images

January 31, 2024 

Through our new Into the Arts series, we aim to complicate and expand what we understand arts and humanities to be. Over the coming months, we will confer with those who make and study these concepts across campus, bringing you stories and recommendations that hopefully stretch our minds and bring us a little closer together. 

Step into the Grunwald Gallery before March 2, and you will see decades of intertwined images, the creative result of two artists in partnership. 

Painters Tim Kennedy and Eve Mansdorf have taught at IU for a combined 52 years. In that time, they have made significant contributions to the field of contemporary observational painting and the national reputation of the Eskenazi School’s painting area. As instructors, they have mentored thousands of emerging artists. 

“I have sometimes looked at some of our outside paintings and thought, whose is this?” Eve told Yaël Ksander for a recent story about the artists. “Especially when they’re less finished.” 

“There’s one time I can think of that made me do a double-take,” Tim agrees. “Dorothy had that painting of mine of Polgetto in her office–” 

“And you weren’t sure –” ventures Eve. 

“And it took me a while to think,” Tim corroborates, “is that mine or is that Eve’s?”

Tim and Eve enjoy the January 12 opening of “Shared Spaces.”  Photo by Yaël Ksander.

Event Details 

Exhibition: January 12–March 2, 2024 

Gallery hours: Tuesday–Saturday, 12–4pm. Closed Sunday and Monday. 

Tim Kennedy Artist Talk: February 19, 5pm in Fine Arts 102 

Eve Mansdorf Artist Talk: February 21, 5pm in Fine Arts 102