Climate Action

IUB to form new climate committee

With the recent adoption of Indiana University’s new Climate Action Plan, the Office of the Provost, in collaboration with the Bloomington Faculty Council, plans to establish a new campus-wide committee to advise on sustainability-related education, research objectives, and the implementation of specific recommendations of the climate action plan on the Bloomington campus.   

Where the Climate Action Plan (CAP) addresses operations pathways for IU to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040, the complementary campus-level committee’s focus will be more academic and research-oriented in nature. It will assist with certain campus operations and behavior change goals recommended in the climate action plan, as well as the IUB 2030 strategic plan priorities around transformational research and enhancing collaborations between faculty experts and communities to improve environmental health, sustainability, and community resilience. These efforts will help further enhance the foundational work of faculty and students associated with the Environmental Resilience Institute (ERI) and the Integrated Program in the Environment (IPE). 

A close partnership between the newly University-wide Office of Sustainability, academic research, curricular offerings, and community engagement has the potential to allow greater collective action through discovery and rapid implementation of innovative solutions. 

Nominations, including self-nominations, to serve on this committee may be submitted through the Faculty Council at . Priority will be given to nominations received by October 2. 

This page will be updated as the committee and its work develop.