Faculty 100

Faculty 100

An accomplished and engaged faculty is central to the success of our academic mission at IU Bloomington. 

With the direction and support of President Whitten, the first phase of the Faculty 100 initiative was launched in fall 2022 with the goal of amplifying our success in core research areas and positioning the Bloomington campus to continue leading into the future. During the first phase, 29 new faculty positions were selected for funding from a pool of 75 proposals submitted by campus faculty and deans. Departments continue to recruit impressive candidates for these positions, with new faculty members arriving in fall 2023. 

Phase Two: Getting to 100

As announced in the State of the Campus address, we are now launching phase two. During this phase, we plan to “get to 100” and bring our new faculty colleagues here as quickly as possible so they can begin to integrate with and contribute to our community.  

Phase two will prioritize hiring new faculty in alignment with two goals: 

  • Expanding our capacity to pursue research priorities defined through our 2030 planning process. 
  • Developing new academic programs or growing existing areas projected to see greater student interest and aligned with workforce demands.  

We expect these intentional hires to expand capacity, not only providing a greater volume of work in areas of strategic importance, but leading to denser, more impactful collaboration within and among departments. Such an increase in capacity has the power to improve the undergraduate experience, grow graduate education, and amplify the translational impact of research.  

Specific steps about how these recruitment efforts will be administered will be forthcoming. We are incredibly excited about “getting to 100” and seeing all the positive ways our campus community can grow.   

Initial Funding Approvals Granted

The initial phase of funding approvals for Faculty 100 was announced on December 19, 2022. With the recommendations of a campus-wide faculty committee and academic deans, the following proposals have been granted funding to open recruitment for new faculty. 

  • Amplifying and Extending Success in Health Sociology and Demography
  • Are We Alone? Planets and Exoplanets in the Cosmos (up to 2 positions)
  • Climate Change and Hydrologic Extremes
  • Cognitive Approaches to A&H
  • Energy and Novel Catalysis / Quantum Information Science / Quantum and Nano Technology (up to 2 positions)
  • Gill Chair in Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience
  • Human and Artificial Intelligence (up to 4 positions) (Joint with Luddy)
  • Imaging Data Analysis - Building on Our Success
  • Microbiomes / Models of Metabolic Regulation in Development and Disease / Prevention of the next pandemic (up to 4 positions)
  • Molecular Mechanisms in Cells
  • Precision Development Science
  • Reverse Engineering the Foundations of Intelligence (up to 2 positions) (Joint with Luddy)

  • Digital Twins (2 positions)
  • Human and Artificial Intelligence (up to 4 positions) (Joint with the College)
  • Reverse Engineering the Foundations of Intelligence (up to 2 positions) (Joint with the College)

  • Law and Technology or Law and Democracy

  • Aging
  • Climate and Health
  • Natural climate solutions

  • Adolescent Sexual Health

  • Enhance Core Research in Aging Diseases