Faculty 100

Faculty 100

The Faculty 100 hiring initiative will add 100 new tenured and tenure-track faculty lines for the campus, amplifying and extending our success in research and teaching while positioning IU Bloomington as a continued local and global leader. This ambitious initiative gives the Bloomington campus a historic opportunity to bring in additional dynamic talent to bolster our already vibrant community. Phase one of Faculty 100 focused on the recruitment of approximately 25 mid-career hires whose research portfolios synergized closely with current and emerging faculty strengths.

Initial Funding Approvals Granted

December 19, 2022

With the announcement of the Faculty 100 Initiative this fall, IU President Pamela Whitten laid out a vision to recruit 100 new tenure-track faculty in key areas for the Bloomington campus.

Today, we are incredibly pleased to announce funding approvals for the initial phase of the Faculty 100. From the more than 75 faculty hiring proposals submitted, with the recommendations of a campus-wide faculty committee and academic deans, the following proposals have been granted funding to open recruitment for new faculty. 

  • Amplifying and Extending Success in Health Sociology and Demography
  • Are We Alone? Planets and Exoplanets in the Cosmos (up to 2 positions)
  • Climate Change and Hydrologic Extremes
  • Cognitive Approaches to A&H
  • Energy and Novel Catalysis / Quantum Information Science / Quantum and Nano Technology (up to 2 positions)
  • Gill Chair in Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience
  • Human and Artificial Intelligence (up to 4 positions) (Joint with Luddy)
  • Imaging Data Analysis - Building on Our Success
  • Microbiomes / Models of Metabolic Regulation in Development and Disease / Prevention of the next pandemic (up to 4 positions)
  • Molecular Mechanisms in Cells
  • Precision Development Science
  • Reverse Engineering the Foundations of Intelligence (up to 2 positions) (Joint with Luddy)

  • Digital Twins (2 positions)
  • Human and Artificial Intelligence (up to 4 positions) (Joint with the College)
  • Reverse Engineering the Foundations of Intelligence (up to 2 positions) (Joint with the College)

  • Law and Technology or Law and Democracy

  • Aging
  • Climate and Health
  • Natural climate solutions

  • Adolescent Sexual Health

  • Enhance Core Research in Aging Diseases

75proposals submitted

29positions funded

Respective deans and faculty with proposals selected are being contacted directly with more information on next steps. We anticipate searches will soon launch in earnest. If new hires in each designated area are not successful over a given time, the funding will be made available for other Faculty 100 hiring priorities, as determined by the campus. 

Further updates on hiring supported by this initiative will be announced in the spring 2023 semester. We currently anticipate launching a new, second round of proposals in alignment with the forthcoming IUB 2030 strategic plan later in spring term.

We are thrilled for these opportunities to further grow our research and creative activity in areas of established and emerging strength at IUB. Thanks to our faculty for their continued leadership and innovation.