Oct. 13

Engage IUB: October 13 Edition

Defining our future together

The IUB 2030 strategic planning process, which will involve nearly 400 faculty, students, and staff, kicks off Monday with the ambitious charge of helping to define our future at IU.

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A dream fulfilled

Jazz pianist Mickey Tucker, now 81, finished his magnum opus, “Spiritual Collage,” in 1978. In one of the great sorrows of his life, the piece was never performed. That changes Oct. 23, when IU’s AAAMC and the BSO stage the symphony’s world premiere.

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Maurer Dean named

Christiana Ochoa has been named dean of the Indiana University Maurer School of Law, effective Nov. 1. She is the school’s first-ever Latine dean and one of just 8 Latine women ever to serve as the dean of a U.S. law school.

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Outdoor adventures

Hannah McConnell is living her best life as senior assistant director at IU Outdoor Adventures. As the organization celebrates 50 years of inspiring the IU community to lead active lifestyles, Hannah reflects on her own journeyfrom IU student to director and shares tips on discounts and trip options for faculty and staff.

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Kind of a Dybvig deal

Philip H. Dybvig graduated IU with distinction in 1976 with a double major in mathematics and physics in the College. He went on to earn two degrees at Yale and is currently on the Washington University faculty. This week, Dybvig and two collaborators were honored with the Nobel Prize in Economics for their pathbreaking research on modern banking.

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Behind the camera

As an IU photographer since 2014, James Brosher does his best to blend into the background while finding images that capture the essence of Indiana University. James recently launched Experience IU, an online portal where he and talented colleagues share photo essays on campus milestones. New this week: Homecoming 2022. 

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