September 1

Engage IUB: September 1 Edition

What makes IU ... IU?

Over the past six months, as I have engaged with faculty, students, staff, community leaders, and numerous others, many of the same themes have arisen. The more I have heard and experienced, the more compelling I find our strengths as a learning community at IU—and the more enthusiastic I am for the opportunities before us today.

As we head into fall, I want to share some of the priorities that have emerged from my conversations with many of you, a first step toward envisioning our future together as a Bloomington campus.

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Visionary leadership

After 12 years as dean and 24 years at the school, IU School of Optometry Dean Joe Bonanno will return to the faculty in May. 

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Investigating Sherlock

"Sherlock Holmes … remains popular because he is unashamedly, irreducibly strange," said Jenny Mack, whose latest project at Lilly Library shares rarities, correspondence, artwork, and other gems from a touring Sherlock collection. "He shows us that people who think in different ways can do fulfilling work, solve problems, and thrive, even when the people around them don’t always understand them." 

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“I never envisioned, 20-plus years ago, that being a print journalist would turn into writing live stories for a website, being a court reporter, learning how to request public records, shooting videos, doing stand-up television hits, and making radio appearances,” said Mike Wells, one of the Media School’s newest faculty members. “I’ve done all those things.” 

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'Creating African Fashion Histories'

"I would argue that dress is one of the most important mediums for visual art in Africa and the African diaspora,” said Heather Akou, Eskenazi School faculty member and co-author of a new book, "Creating African Fashion Histories." Akou is part of a Sept. 7 panel discussion and reception at the Mies van der Rohe Building on the way African fashion is (or is not) represented and classified in galleries.

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